Reasons to book a trip to Aruba

Feel like you need a vacation? I know the perfect solution. Head to Aruba! Located in the Caribbean, just North of Venezuela, the laid back atmosphere and warm waters are exactly what you need to clear your head.

Here’s some top reasons to visit.

  1. The water is the most incredible colour. You will feel zen just looking at it. Swimming (or floating) around in it is even more relaxing. The calm waves and warm crystal clear water will wash away your worries.


2. Stay at a Resort like Manchebo Resort and Spa where they offer beach yoga every morning and evening.


3. Romantic dinners on the beach. Our hotel Manchebo set this up for us, it was the most beautiful setting and we had Steak and Lobster for dinner.


4. Hiking in the Arikok National Park. There are incredible hikes here and you can visit caves with Indian drawings from around 1000 years ago.


5. Snorkelling and diving. You can literally go snorkelling off the shore in many spots in Aruba. This is a video of us snorkelling at Arashi Beach.

6. Incredible Sunsets


7. Massages by the beach at Spa Del Sol. Possibly one of the most relaxing massages I’ve ever had.

6E9A11868. Take a photo with a famous Divi Divi tree.


Have you been to Aruba? Got any excuses to go there I’ve missed out? Got any other travel recommendations for places I should visit? Comment below and let me know!
– Ash

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