Kathy Johnson

“Ash sees the potential and ability in me and won’t stop encouraging me until I reach my best. My PT sessions have taken my training to another level, and I have incorporated most of Ash’s techniques into my usual gym routine. Ash has taken the time to review my diet, eating habits, and get to know me and my goals. The result is I feel stronger, fitter, more alert, healthier and I have greater confidence.”

Carolyn Entwistle

“I started training with Ashleigh just over a month ago and I’ve already lost over half a stone. Before training with Ash, I was pretty much restricted to cardio. These days, I can’t move on to weights fast enough!  Our sessions are varied and challenging and Ashleigh is motivating, attentive and above all, fun to workout with! I don’t just feel as though I’ve gained a fabulous personal trainer, but also a fantastic person to share my weight-loss journey with.”

Amanda Barnett

“I have tried to ‘get fit’ so many times and failed miserably on every occasion. But since having Ash as my PT I have stuck to the programme and four months in I feel stronger, have more stamina, feel good about myself and have even changed my diet. If I can do it, anyone can!”


Caroline Mortimer

“Ash ticks every box for me as a personal trainer and tailors the training to exactly what I need. I work hard in my day job and want to enjoy my free time including working out and Ash continually challenges and motivates me in such a positive and enjoyable way, that I look forward to our sessions without dreading them! In a matter of weeks, I saw my body become more toned and I noticed improvements in my strength and stamina, without looking bulky which was a look I didn’t want. Ash has advised and guided me on food choices and convenient ways of eating well without going hungry and I am thrilled with the results. With the range of group exercise classes on offer, I previously didn’t see the need for a personal trainer. But I am fully converted and cannot imagine working without Ash now – I feel better in my clothes and more confident going out and far more in control of my diet than before.”

Jingyi Hu

“I loved working with you Ash. Your knowledge and advice is really awesome, especially your tips on form. You are most helpful, knowledgeable and VERY motivating. I loved how hard you pushed me, I managed to deadlift my own body weight with your guidance! Even though I am not in London anymore, I am still using your schedule and tips on diet and form. Thanks to you, I really feel that I have a basic understanding of exercises, form and diet!”

Natalia Barrett
I was never a sporty person and going to the gym was not something I looked forward to.
Ashleigh made exercise fun, devised a programme that I enjoyed and I could see real results. When I couldn’t attend the gym any more she devised a home programme that I could continue to do on my own. She had time for all my questions about diet and lifestyle and gave really useful practical advice. I will really miss training with her!

Elisa Wahnon

Training with Ash has been awesome- she is an incredibly dedicated PT! The programme she designed for me is seriously intense- simple to follow, but intense! Our weekly sessions have been great for keeping my motivation levels up, tracking my progress and improving my lifting technique. Ash has changed the way I view weights entirely- I now know how to use most of the gym equipment effectively and actually feel excited about jumping into the weights section, rather than shying away from it in favour of the treadmill.