Running around Madrid with Reebok

I was recently invited to join Reebok in Madrid for an ultimate fitness weekend and to experience the true meaning of #BeMoreHuman.

We were going there to do a CrossFit WOD and watch the Crossfit Meridian Regional Finals. We were also told we’d be taking on Spartan Race. For those of you who haven’t heard of Spartan Race, it’s an obstacle course which to me sounded like it was designed to break you and involves anywhere from a 3 miler up to marathon distance.

There’s a common misconception that just because I’m a personal trainer I’ll be great at anything fitness related. Let me dispel that myth for you now! I’m not good at everything, and I would have to say that running is definitely my weak point. My training is mainly strength based and in the past I have competed in powerlifting competitions. Although I do the odd jog here and there, my running is definitely not as strong as it could be as I don’t train it often enough. I had also heard rumours of rope climbing, and the only time I’d tried climbing a rope before, things had ended badly with a lot of rope burn and my ego badly bruised.

So with only a few weeks to prep, I upped the intensity of my training. I included more running, short sprints as well as longer slow runs. I added in loads of pull ups, sled pushes and pulls to help me through the rope climb. Then I boarded a plane on Friday and hoped that I wouldn’t embarrass myself!

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