Pink Soda Voga

I recently had the pleasure of being invited to a Pink Soda Voga event in Angel, London. What exactly is Voga? I hear you ask. I was wondering the same thing! Voga is basically a mix of Yoga+Voguing. It takes all the classic yoga moves and turns them into dance moves. 

Being not very skilled at yoga or dance, I think I did quite well at striking some poses! I found it really fun and relatively easy to pick up the moves. 

It was a nice hot summer’s day, perfect for some rooftop yoga. The event was full of inspiring fitness bloggers from around the UK, so it was really cool to meet and hang out with them. 

By the way, how cute is this set they hooked me up with? The bra is reversible, the other side is black snake skin print. Loving it!

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