Training for Spartan Race

My training for Spartan Race has definitely upped intensity, and after Spartan Ediburgh I have identified that the main things I need to work on are incline running, general endurance, and grip strength.

Here’s last week’s training with my coach:

1000 metre row warm up

5×5 Barbell Complex (Deadlift + Clean + Push press + Back Squat + Push press)

3 supersets:
-25 second Woodway Curve Sprint (These are really tough!)
– 25 goblet squats

3 supersets:
– Sled push and pull
– 6 upper body semi-rope climbs

Finished off with some monkey bars practice.

In addition to my training with Coach Chris, I am also running minimum 3 times per week. Then I also have a squat and lower body strength day, deadlift and clean day, upper body strength day.


3 thoughts on “Training for Spartan Race

    1. The curve treadmill is powered by you instead of electrics. So the faster you run, the faster it goes. Imagine like a hamster wheel. Also because it’s curved it feels like you’re on an incline, and as you are powering the treadmill I feel like they’re way more tough than normal treadmill sprints.


  1. Incredible!!! I see this stuff of TV – looks like fun but I know the training behind it can be grueling. Good luck! What you’re doing is a huge accomplishment!! Love & respect to you!


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